Car Wraps, Truck Wraps, and Vinyl Graphics

At Viking Forge Design, our well designed, quality printed, and professionally installed vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics will turn your ordinary car or truck into a year round advertising machine.

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Alternatively if you’re looking to improve the appearance of a personal vehicle, we can help you achieve your desired design and look.

What is Vehicle Wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping is the process of applying a self-adhesive film over a cleaned, polished surface of a vehicle. This process needs to be carried out by a qualified technician who has the necessary experience and training to achieve a high quality finish. The wrap needs to be installed in a dust-free and temperature controlled environment.

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Valley Volkswagen Vehicle Wrap

Vinyl Wrap

For the small business owner, effective advertising is usually one of the toughest hurdles to overcome and one of the most likely to be done with little thought to the necessary approach to attract the right customers.

Many small businesses tend to lean on less effective forms of advertising like direct-mailers, coupon books, phonebook listings and ads, as well as the ever-so-popular, cold-calling.

In most cases, these forms of advertising require a considerable amount of money for a small business, and in most cases have very little return. Most of that return covers the costs of the next run of advertisements rather than putting actual money in the pocket of the business owner.

Regarding Hard to wrap areas: The High Performance vinyl used for a Viking Forge Design wrap requires properly prepared surfaces to promote adhesion. On many vehicles, we will encounter painted surfaces that may not be conducive for that necessary adhesion and durability of the materials, such as door handles, hinges, textured surfaces, emblems, rubber, moldings, weather stripping, sliding windows, exhaust areas and some extreme convex and compound curves. Vinyl wrap material will NOT stick properly to rubber windows moldings. It is not recommended that these areas be wrapped. With this understanding it is up to the client’s discretion if they want to carver these areas of the vehicle.

We typically will not wrap rubber or plastic areas of the vehicle. It is important that you understand a wrap does not provide for covering 100% of the vehicle, as some areas are not conducive to vinyl at all such as cracks, expansion joints and rubber seams. Some vehicles have indentations on bumpers and other areas that may distort the text if viewed up close. In most cases the images and message will look fine when viewed form the viewing distance of 10 feet away. The material manufacturers recommend a 1 inch gap in deep crevice areas to prevent material failure and insure correct adhesion.  The materials used by  Viking Forge Design are of the highest quality from manufactures such as 3M and Avery and have been designed and tested for outdoor use, such as the utilization of inks and laminates with UV properties, to help prevent fading and cracking over time. The durability of wrap materials is 4-5 years outdoors.

How much protection do you need?  Viking Forge Design can offer a corporate look, custom look or the wildest ideas you can come up with, we also offer you a warranted protection. Wraps use 3M Graphics™ or Avery Dennison for a high-gloss off-the-showroom shine.

Truck Wrap

Here’s where a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphic fits in. Vehicle wraps, in their current form, began making a big impact in the business advertising world roughly 5 years ago. Since then, the cost of materials have gone down, the graphics have gotten better, the application process has allowed for more creative applications, but more importantly the awareness of wraps by potential customers has increased immensely.

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Cho Airport Tahoe Vehicle Wrap

Car Wrap

Visibility of any form of advertisement is the key to its effectiveness. Vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics have been proven to achieve roughly 30,000 – 70,000 visual impressions in just one day! Better yet, according to a recent survey, 95 percent of people said that they remembered the graphics and brand identities they saw on vehicle wraps. The greatest thing about the visibility of vehicle wraps is that there is no discrimination as far as demographic targeting is concerned. Everyone is able to see your wrapped vehicle and brand identity through this extremely passive and highly effective form of advertising.

A Wrap is a large vinyl decal. It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The application of the Wrap allows you to change the car’s appearance in a very short period of time and in turn allows you to remove the Wrap, returning the vehicle back to its original condition in an even a shorter period of time, if it’s necessary!.

A Vinyl adhesive wrap is not the same as a custom vehicle paint job. It simulates the look of a painted vehicle, but there will always be evidence when viewed up close that this is a decal applied to the vehicles original paint. For example you will see the vinyl cut match lines. In some areas you will see the original color of the vehicle with the edges of the wrap material. Vehicle Wraps are not designed to be viewed up close. They are designed to be moving bill boards for commercial advertising. The best distance to view a wrap is from 10-12 feet away where you can see the entire advertising message at once.

Vehicle Wraps are not permanent. The High Performance vinyl used for our wraps require a properly prepared surfaces to promote adhesion. Most original painted surfaces will stick well. Poor surface paint or repainted clear coats will not allow the vinyl adhesive to stick properly and the adhesive may fail. On many vehicles, we will encounter painted surfaces that may not be conducive for that necessary adhesion and durability of the materials, such as door handles, hinges, textured surfaces, emblems, rubber, moldings, weather stripping, sliding windows, exhaust areas and some extreme convex and compound curves. Vinyl wrap material will NOT stick properly to rubber windows moldings. It is not recommended that these areas be wrapped. With this understanding it is up to the client’s discretion if they want to cover these areas of the vehicle.

Car Wrap Questions and Answers

Q. Will a vehicle wrap damage my vehicle’s paint upon removal? 
A. No. In all of our experiences, the only time a vehicle’s paint may be affected is in the case of a poor repaint job. Factory paint, in 99.0% of instances, is not affect by our wraps.
Q. Will you wrap a leased vehicle? 
A. Yes, like any other vehicle, the wrap can easily be removed without any damage at the end of the lease.
Q. How long will a wrap last on my vehicle? 
A. Our wraps will normally outlast the vehicle. You can expect your wrap to last 5 years or longer, providing you are careful about power washing.
Q. How do I care for my wrap? 
A. Hand washing is best. Avoid high pressure washes and be careful never to use an ice-scraper Sweeping off windows with a soft broom and rear defroster will cause no damage to your window wrap.
Q. What’s the difference between a ½, ¾, and full wrap? 
A. 1/2 Wrap includes the entire rear of the vehicle and 1/2 way up the vehicle, and includes a hood logo.
3/4 Wrap includes the entire rear of the vehicle and 3/4 way up the vehicle, and includes a hood logo.
Typically, a Full Wrap includes the entire surface of the vehicle with NO roof being wrapped.
Q.Do you wrap the roof? 
A. Full wraps DO NOT automatically include the roof wrap. The additional cost of labor and materials to wrap a roof can range from $150.00 for a small car, up to $400.00 for a Cargo van roof wrap. Most clients do not wrap the roof of their vehicles. They only pay for the roof wrap if it is a marketing and advertising requirement that the message be seen and read from above. All roof wraps are in addition to the 4 sides wrap cost.
Q. What is the approximate time frame expected for installation once the design is approved? 
A. This type of work you don’t not want to rush. This is when mistakes happen and quality can be an issue if you rush this type of work. The prints take time to print and the ink has to dry before we can laminate the prints. After the prints are ready to install the installers can begin the installation. You do not want to rush the installers because this type of work is all done by hand and it takes time do install the vinyl with perfect placement. From the time that the design is completed and approved by our client, a wrap can be printed and installed within 7-10 days. In some cases it can all be completed in 5 days after the design is approved. If you ask us to print, laminate and install in under 5 days, Viking Forge Design will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions due to an extreme rush time dictated to us by the client and placed on our installers.
Q. What kind of resolution is required for artwork files, and which type of files do you accept? 
A. For vehicles, it is important to finish with a resolution of no less than 75dpi at full size. We can accept almost any file type (PC or Mac) and prefer the format to be in line-art, such as .eps files.

Q. How much does a wrap cost?
Great question! We get asked this question pretty frequently. The truth is each vehicle wrap is unique. Information from you is the key to a proper estimate.
Several factor effect the price of a wrap.
1. the complexity of the vehicle shape. Some vehicle shape are harder to wrap than others.
2. the vehicle size and amount of vinyl used.
3. it design is needed then the cost of the design time.
4. any additional prep work they may be needed o produce a great looking wrap.
Generally the cost for a partial can run from $500 – $2500
A full wrap can run from $2000-$5500, depending on the size of the vehicle.
The size of the vehicle and the curve complexity plays a big part in the overall cost of the job.

Q. What is the cost made up of? (6 parts):
• Design Time: This is the number that is variable as most clients want custom design and this requires very specialized attention to detail the average design can take as little as 5 hours to some of our most complicated taking 40 hours and the average is 10 hours.
• Materials: This number is predicated upon the amount of gross square footage needed to accomplish virtually seamless coverage of the intended area of wrap.
• Setup: This number is the most stable and only occurs when a design file needs to be setup for print. This number will occur every time a file needs to be formatted for print.
• Print: Print costs are included in the material costs and again is predicated upon the gross square footage.
• Lamination: Is included in the material costs.


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