Fleet Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

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To wrap or not to wrap, that is the question.

Well, at least one of the questions fleet managers often ask. Most companies who wrap their vehicles – the process of adhering a logo and/or other graphics to their vehicles – make the decision to do so at the corporate level, so fleet managers need to be informed. Weighing your options and having a good understanding of your investment can help you make the decision whether to wrap or not.

Below are only some of the benefits and opportunities associated with branding vehicles.

ROI of Wrapping Fleet Vehicles

Based on the location of the vehicle, a branded vehicle can receive tens of thousands of impressions per day. Whether the vehicle is moving along the highway, parked in front of your business, or on a sales call, it gets noticed.

According to an independent study conducted by the American Trucking Association:

  • A wrapped vehicle that traveled in or around a major city generated more than 65,000 visual impressions per day.
  • A wrapped vehicle that traveled in suburban areas generated more than 30,000 visual impressions per day.
  • 98% of consumers feel that fleet graphics created a positive image for the company.
  • 96% said fleet graphics had more impact than other forms of outdoor media (billboards, for example).

Those are powerful statistics when you consider the cost of other, traditional marketing mediums. Smarter Media says fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition greater than any other form of advertising. A wrap can typically last up to five years depending on usage and type; so the ROI of the initial investment is relatively low over the life of the vehicle.

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Vehicle Wrapping Logistics

Donlen can help manage the entire process for you, and can work collaboratively with your fleet, marketing, and creative teams to ensure brand consistency and compliance at every step of the process.

Key points when considering a branding program are:

Depending on volume and model, it’s preferred to select ship thru vendors where possible as this streamlines the process where you have one facility performing installation.

Other items to consider are surplus graphics in inventory (generally 5%) to address graphics that need replacement when a vehicle is damaged, and the shelf life of graphics when storing them for inventory purposes. Typically, our preferred graphics vendors offer a storage program so graphics are stored in a temperature-controlled setting to maintain their integrity and quality. Additionally, graphics are produced electronically, so single panels can be easily replaced if damaged.


Brand Enhancement

Because your wrapped vehicles will be on the road and visible to thousands of people every day, your brand will become more recognizable, and therefore accessible. A branded vehicle is a 24/7/365 moving billboard.

Running a print ad, whether in a magazine or newspaper, has little impact beyond the fleeting first impression turn of the page. Radio advertising reaches a small segment of the population who listens to that particular program; and TV – if included in the marketing plan – is very expensive and time consuming. A one-time investment in vehicle wrapping can yield returns for your brand message beyond the ROI.

Of course, the opposite can also be true: Since the vehicles will be representing you 24/7, it’s important that drivers understand the impact this can have. Is the vehicle dirty or full of empty fast food wrappers? Has it been damaged in a fender-bender and not repaired? Those are impactful brand messages – and people notice. Building excitement with drivers is an important part of a branding campaign.

Generating Driver Excitement

Once you make the decision to brand your vehicles, keeping drivers informed will be key to building excitement for the new process. Of course, it’s company policy and the decision has already been made, but having engaged drivers proud to drive the vehicles sends a powerful brand message to your community.

Here are several ways to increase buy-in and generate excitement:

  • Announce the decision to brand the vehicles in a special newsletter or email to drivers and/or on the company intranet. Inform them of the positive impact to your company brand and potential new business the vehicles will bring.
  • Keep them informed at each step of the process. You may need to select a different vehicle (or color option) depending on the type of wrap you select.
  • Have your marketing and/or creative group develop two different design schemes that leadership approves and let drivers vote on the final design. This will help them to feel part of the process.

When vehicles are delivered:

  • Work with your PR group on a photo opportunity and press release for the first delivery.
  • Ask several drivers if they would like to be part of “Day 1 Festivities” – make them the stars of your photo ops! Work with your internet/intranet team to have photos posted online.

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For extensive branding, it’s easier and less expensive to unwrap a vehicle than to repaint it when it comes time to sell. When a vehicle is either painted or uses decal with a logo or other branding elements, there can often be remnants when removed. We can all think of a truck we’ve seen on the highway with “ghosted” letters still showing; not a good representation of the brand. Full wraps eliminate that issue.

For companies with signature colors that you never want the second owner to use, wrapping is a great solution. The vehicle can be cycled while there is still value in it without having to repaint over the signature color first. Wrap in the signature color and peel it off when you’re done with the vehicle.

Looking to get a wrap for your fleet or a fresh new look for your currently wrapped fleet? Contact us.

For big fleets, a national rate per vehicle can usually be negotiated for the unwrap process.