Vehicle Wrap

Sigora Solar Vehicle Graphics

sigora solar vehicle graphics

Viking Forge Design has been working with Sigora Solar for almost 6 years now providing their iconic vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics. Many of their vehicles have completely unique designs. These vehicles are used often in their marketing. You’ll see them parked in front of houses with newly installed solar panels.

sigora solar vehicle wrap

These vehicles have become the moving advertisement for their solar panel business, and pretty much everybody in a 100 mile radius of Waynesboro recognizes their colorful cars. Even during installs, every neighbor in the neighborhood will see the Sigora van parked outside your house and know what’s going on.

Sigora has realized the impact of using vehicle graphics as advertising, and as a business they’ve grown rapidly. I can’t say for sure that it’s all due to our vehicle wraps (haha!) but I know they’ve taken advantage of using their vehicles to build their brand and bring awareness to what they do. I can’t imagine the low impact their vehicles would have if they simply had vinyl lettering on the rear windows.

Vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps are an excellent way of taking your business to the next level. If you’re using a car for your business already, why not advertise on the go? While we can do simple vinyl lettering, a partial wrap or full wrap with eye-catching graphics will transform your boring company car into a mobile advertisement.


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