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Vehicle Wraps – How Much Do They Cost?

Q. How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

Great question! We get asked this question pretty frequently. The truth is each vehicle wrap is unique. Information from you is the key to a proper estimate.
Several factors effect the price of a wrap.
1. the complexity of the vehicle shape. Some vehicle shape are harder to wrap than others.
2. the vehicle size and amount of vinyl used.
3. it design is needed then the cost of the design time.
4. any additional prep work they may be needed to produce a great looking wrap.
Generally the cost for a partial can run from $500 – $2500
A full wrap can run from $2000-$5500, depending on the size of the vehicle.
The size of the vehicle and the curve complexity plays a big part in the overall cost of the job.


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Q. What is the cost made up of? (6 parts):

• Design Time: This is the number that is variable as most clients want custom design and this requires very specialized attention to detail the average design can take as little as 5 hours to some of our most complicated taking 40 hours and the average is 10 hours.
• Materials: This number is predicated upon the amount of gross square footage needed to accomplish virtually seamless coverage of the intended area of wrap.
• Setup: This number is the most stable and only occurs when a design file needs to be setup for print. This number will occur every time a file needs to be formatted for print.
• Print: Print costs are included in the material costs and again is predicated upon the gross square footage.
• Lamination: Is included in the material costs.

Hopefully that answers your questions!

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