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Logo Design – Vektor

vektor performance logo design waynesboro va

We were recently contacted by one of our clients, Killer B Motorsport to do a logo design project for them. They are opening a new performance company that specializes in turbocharged Porsches. We originally did the logo design for Killer B, and they liked it enough that they came back to us and had us do the logo design for Vektor Performance.

We worked over the course of a couple weeks to come up with the perfect logo for their company.

vektor performance logo design waynesboro va

We combined the vectored shapes with the colors of the German flag (Porsche being a German car company and all) and after a few proofs and readjustments, the final logo design was complete. We look forward to all of the future projects and vehicle graphics that we’ll be using this logo on.

Being car lovers, Geiger and I both love all of our interactions with Killer B and now Vektor Performance. We can’t wait to see all  of the awesome products that they start fabricating for Porches. While the majority of our clients come to us for signs and banners, we’re also skilled designers that can design logos or help fix your current branding.

Need branding help? Want a logo designed? Contact us! We’d be more than happy to help.